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Canadian Members of the World Economic Forum

The initial intent of this page was to identify elected members of Canadian governments that were also members/participants in the World Economic Forum. As our research has continued, many more important connections have been found that we we feel are important to include to understand the reach and connections of the WEF within Canada. For this reason, they are included here.

Updated information: The WEF website categorizes participants into several groupings including people, agenda/authors, organizations. For the purpose of increased clarity, we are now including these titles in the profiles.

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Federal Government - Leadership

Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister of Canada

Chrystina Freeland

Deputy Prime Minister of Canada
WEF Board of Trustees

Jagmeet Singh

Leader of the NDP


Pierre Poilievre


PM Candidate


***Poilievre was on the WEF website in 2021 but has since been removed. Read more here***

Maxime Bernier*


***We have not found evidence of membership at this time, however, Bernier did attend a WEF Annual meeting in January 2008. Read more here***

Federal Government - Elected

Rona Ambrose


Former Leader of the Opposition


Edmonton Spruce Grove AB

Terry Beech



Burnaby North-Seymour BC

Scott Brison


Conservative 1997-2019

Kings Hants NS

Now Vice Chair BMO

Marie-Claude Bibeau



Compton-Stanstead QC

Randy Boissonneault



Edmonton Centre AB

Francois-Philippe Champagne



Saint-Maurice – Champlain QC

Jean Charest


Federal Minister 1984-1993
Deputy Prime Minister 1993
PC Leader 1995-1998
Premier of Quebec 2003-2012
Consultant for Huawei - 5G

Jim Flaherty



Whitby Ajax ON

Deceased (late husband of Ontario MPP and Deputy Premier Christine Elliott)

Michelle Rempel Garner


Young Global Leader


Calgary Nose Hill AB

Karina Gould



Burlington ON

Ralph Goodale



Ambassador to the UK

Patty Hadju



Thunder Bay Superior North
Previous Minister of Health

Stephen Harper


Prime Minister of Canada

Ahmed Hussen



York South – Weston ON

Dr. Helena Jaczek



Markham-Stouffville ON

Melanie Joly



Ahuntsic-Cartierville QC

Jason Kenney



Parliamentary Secretary 2006
Priivy Council 2008
Minister Employment & Social Development 2008-2013
Minister National Defence 2015-2016
Premier Alberta 2019-Present

John Manley


Liberal 1988-2003

Ottawa South

James Moore


Conservative 2004-2015

Port Moody—Coquitlam—Port Coquitlam / Port Moody—Westwood—Port Coquitlam BC

Maryam Monsef



Peterborough-Kawartha ON

Attended Davos with Trudeau in 2018

Bill Morneau


Liberal 2015-2020

Toronto Centre - (Resigned due to We Charity Scandal)

Blake Richards



Banff-Airdrie AB

Andrew Scheer


Former Leader of the Opposition


Regina-Qu’Appelle SK
(Removed from WEF Website Week of Feb 21/22)

Peter Van Loan



Simcoe ON

Mary Ng




Minister of International Trade, Export Promotion, Small Business and Economic Development

Send Email

Sean Fraser



Central Nova

Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship

Send Email

Ginette Petitpas Taylor




Previous Minister of Health

Minister of Official Languages
Minister responsible for the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

Send Email

Marc Garneau




Previous Minister of Foreign Affairs 2021

Previous Minister of Transport 2015-2021

Previous House Leader of the Liberal Party 2011-2012

Member Canadian NATO Parliamentary Association 2018-2019


Ratna Omidvar


Independent Senator

Appointed by
J Trudeau

Governor General

Mary Simon


Governor General of Canada

Other Government

Louise Arbour


Supreme Court of Ontario

Court of Appeal of Ontario

Dominic Barton


Canadian Ambassador to China

Chair Advisory Council on Economic Growth

Jennifer Blanke


Until 2019, member of the Canadian Government's Advisory Council on Economic Growth

Ailish Campbell


Young Global Leader

General Director at Finance Canada

Chief Trade Commissioner 2017

Wang Huiyao


President Centre for China

Globalization Canada Quebec Government Office in Hong Kong and Greater China

Hugette Labelle


Independent Advisory Board for Senate Appointments

Also See Education

Kevin Lynch


Clerk of Privy Council
Secretary to Cabinet & More

Also See Education

Catherine McKenna


Until 2021 Liberal Cabinet Minister

Privy Council

Fred Ninh


Global Shaper - Ottawa Hub
Senior Analyst at Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

Leslie Norton


Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations

Renée Maria Tremblay


Senior Counsel to the Supreme Court of Canada

Terri Toyota


Government of Canada

Mihaela Ulieru


Science, Technology and Innovation Council of Canada

Carleton University
Adjunct Research Professor

WEF Global Agenda Council on Data Driven Development


Doug Ford


Premier of Ontario

**Note - Ford was removed from the WEF website the week of Feb 22, 2022.

John Tory


Mayor of Toronto

Jim Watson


Mayor of Ottawa


Philippe Couillard


Premier of Quebec 2014-2018

Valérie Plante


Mayor of Montreal


Greg Selinger


Premier of Manitoba


Brad Wall


Premier of Saskatchewan


Jason Kenney


Premier of Alberta

Also See Federal

Naheed Nenshi


Mayor of Calgary

Rachel Notley


Premier of Alberta 2015-2019
Leader of the Opposition of Alberta 2019-Present

Alison Redford


Premier of Alberta

British Columbia

John Horgan


Premier of
British Columbia

Christy Clark


Premier of
British Columbia

Gregor Robertson


Mayor of Vancouver

New Brunswick

Brian Gallant


Premier of
New Brunswick

Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island



Ajay Agrawal


University of Toronto
Roman School of Management

Dr. Sylvie Albert


University of Winnipeg

John M. Beck


Board Member of: -Chartered Public Accountants of Ontario - Prev Ontario Power Authority -Ontario Financing Authority Advisory Council
- School of Public Policy University of Calgary

Lisa F. Carver


Post Doctoral Fellow
Queen's University

Elizabeth Caucutt


Associate Professor
Western University

Dr. Jacquelyn N. Coutré


Queen's University
Assistant Professor

Christopher DeLuca


Queen's University
Associate Dean
Associate Professor

Suzanne Fortier


McGill University
Principal and Vice-Chancellor

Bryan Gaensler


University of Toronto

Gillian Hadfield


University of Toronto
Professor of Law
Professor of Strategic Mgmt

Bonny Ibhawoh


McMaster University


Lene Kromann


University of Western Ontario
Assistant Professor

Hugette Labelle


University of Ottawa
Former Chancellor

Kevin Lynch


University of Waterloo Former Chair

Dr. Christopher Lyon


McGill University
Post Doctoral Researcher

Warren Mabee


Queens University
Queen's Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy

Pamela Malins


University of New Brunswick
Assistant Professor
Western University

Heather Monroe-Blum


McGill University

Principal Emerita

James Moore


University of Northern British Columbia
See also Federal Politician

Ryan P. Mulligan


Queen's University
Associate Professor

Erin Oldford


Memorial University of Newfoundland
Assistant Professor

Nishin Nathwani


High School Student ON
Global Changemaker
British Council Global Changemakers

Constantine Passaris


University of New Brunswick

Paul Sherman


University Guelph Humber
Program Head

Daniela Pico


Toronto Ripen

Ishwar K. Puri


McMaster University

Dean of Engineering

Samantha Sherman


Simon Fraser University
Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Simon Sherry


Dalhousie University

Matthias Spitzmuller


Queen's University
Associate Professor

Kyla Tienheraa


Queen's University
Research Chair

Mihaela Ulieru


Science, Technology and Innovation Council of Canada

Carleton University
Adjunct Research Professor

WEF Global Agenda Council on Data Driven Development

John Whalley


Western University

Yanqiu Rachel Zhou


McMaster University



Jennifer Corriero


Taking IT Global

Philip Dawson


Element AI

Andrew Fursman



Jean-Francois Gagné


Element AI /
JDA Software

Rafal Rohozinski


SecDev Group
Information Warfare Monitor
OpenNet Initiative
UN Advisor

Media - Includes International Membership

Pavel Drove



Salimah Yvette Ebrahim


CBC, Reuters, Globe and Mail, Cairo Times, A&E

Wency Leung


Staff Reporter
Globe and Mail

Alison Loat


AI Media
OPTrust (Pension)

Giovanna Mingarelli


CBC Radio Canada
Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, The Hill Times

Kirstine Stewart



Mark Zuckerberg



Deb Roy




Lou Pagnutti


Member of the Board: Sunnybrook Hospital Foundation

Finance - Canada

Pavel Bains


Bluezelle Networks (Blockchain)

David Creighton


Chairman of Board of Directors
Convergence Blended Finance

Rupert Duchesne



Brett House


Deputy Chief Economist

Emmanuel Jimenez


International Initiative for Impact Evaluation

Kevin Lynch


Bank of Montreal

Mary Lou Maher



David McKay


Royal Bank Canada

Lou Pagnutti


Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Ernst & Young Canada

Bill Stephenson


De Lage Landen

Jo Taylor


Teachers' Pension Plan

Puninda Thind


Delphi Group

Global Affairs

Mina Akrami


Global Affairs -
University of Toronto
World Bank

Elissa Goldberg


Assistant Deputy Minister for Strategic Policy
Global Affairs Canada

Christopher Logan


Young Global Leader
Freight & Logistics Asia-Pacific
Middle East & Africa

Kevin McKinley


Standards Council of Canada

Robert Muggah


Igarapé, UN and World Bank advisor

Business / Organizations

Astra Zeneca




Johnson & johnson






Roya Bank of Canada


SNC Lavalin


Suncor Energy


TD Bank


Teck Resources


Human Capital

Robyn Seetal


Canadian Capitols Coalition Chapter


Autumn Peltier


Child / Student - Chief Water Commissioner of the Anishinabek Nation


Rashad Karaky


Aviation Cybersecurity Officer for the International Civil Aviation Organization


Alex Wong


Chief, Special Initiatives and Co-Lead, Giga, International Telecommunication Union (UN - ITU)

Mary Deacon


Bell Mental Health Initiative
Bell Canada International


Fillipo Grandi


United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, (UNHCR)

Global Organizations



North Atlantic Treaty Organization



United Nations Development Program



United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization



United Nationls Children's Fund



United Nations Industrial Development Organization

United Nations


World Bank




World Trade Organization

Thank you for supporting our work

209 thoughts on “Canadian Members of the World Economic Forum”

      1. I tried to look up Jason Kenney but I can’t find him on the wef website or on web archives? Where did you see this?

          1. First of all, I’m NOT a Jadon Kenney fan but,
            I don’t understand how Jason Kenney could publicly make these statements about the WEF and still be considered to be a WEF supporting member.
            The listing on the WEF search page with his photo has Jason T Kenney listed as the “Minister of Justice & Attorney General, Department of Justice of Canada.” So, I’m really confused because I can’t seem to find him historically listed anywhere as a past Canadian Minister of Justice & Attorney General.
            Does this merit a little more digging into? It’s confusing.

          2. Hi Linda, Appreciate the observation. I cannot comment on the disparity between his presence on the WEF site and his comments; the post simply displays those who are participants per the WEF. Individuals will need to draw their own conclusions. The title on the WEF site is very interesting, I’ve sent a message in to the WEF to ask for their clarification. I will post the response once received.

          3. Matthew Tartal

            Marc Garneau, Canada’s former Minister of Transport who was recently replaced in 2021, is an agent for the WED. His profile is Missing from this data base. He’s definitely tied with the WEF.

        1. The WEF did a massive “memory holing” purge after we worked out the treasonous traitors were within our midst working to overthrow Canadian democracy, and indeed democracy in as many places as they can “penetrate”, and we were trying to wake everyone up so they had to cover their arses.

    1. fall down traitors , TO the people of Canada more so to the people that know these people . It is your duty to correct the situation, these people are literally destroying this country , democracy , freedom, sentencing mass amounts of people to death , they are traitors, ” correct the situation peacefully, with no violence ” of coarse !! but get it done

      1. Coverup 100%. I don’t trust any off these people except for Bernier, he stood by the truckers while they warned about this stuff and he’s said he wants to remove Canada from the UN.

          1. Glen Aldridge

            His name is on simply from attending a lecture or presentation mot from being a member.

          2. He said that one of his articles was used / published by them as a reason why he was listed. However, he is listed under “people”, and not “author” as he claims.

          3. Went to one meeting many years ago, never joined, never went back. Best to see the affiliations of Pierre Pollieverve, who has some members on his campaign team who are members of the WEF, and one supporter, Stephen Harper, yes, he’s a member. If voting in the leadership election, go for Roman Baber; if in the real election, the PPC’s Bernier.

  1. In light of the meaning of belonging to the WEF and it’s significance, I will discontinue any interest, financially or otherwise in anyone listed as a current member. This will include the TD Bank, Michele Remple Garner, Andrew Scheer, the Royal Bank and the Canadian Pension Plan.. I disagree and refuse to recognize the importance of anything to do with a future, globalist world government and like millions of others DENOUNCE it. Long live the Sovereignty of each individual Canadian and our FREEDOM!.

    1. Absolutely! I am 100% with you. Thier veil of deception is falling and picks up momentum every week.
      Just watched Putins speak….they are coming for him because he knows exactly what’s going on, fake media and government propaganda, US and Canada setting up in Ukraine, the money laundering capital of the world, ignoring Bidens blackmailing the government and his sons so called ‘work’.
      The faster the evil s.o.b’s run to implement thier global takeover, the faster people see clearly what’s going on.

      1. Don’t kid yourself. Putin is in on this whole thing. His war may very well end up being him running cover for the WEF Globohomo agenda – the release of a more virulent bio-weapon upon the global population now that the people have started to push back against their ‘mandatory’ vaccination plans.

        1. “Don’t kid yourself. Putin is in on this whole thing.” such a statement without corresponding ‘evidence’ is of no objective value rather its value is simply subjective and meant to cast dispersion on Putin.

          1. You realize putin started calling out obumer back in 2013 about the Wef , telling obama he should be ashamed at what he is going to do to his citizens + dont say its conspiracy cuz ive been there + also told the Us with the plans they have dont ever give up your guns

          2. Vicky Lazaros

            I don’t agree with you. He is working with the good guys to eliminate this evil that has tried so hard to destroy us all. God wins – time to pray and put on the full armor of God; it will get worse before it gets better, but it will get better.

        2. Yor are so wrong! Putin and Trump are the best thing that ever happen to their country! You will soon know the truth,,,

        3. Putin is one of them. He and Trump are controlled opposition — pretending to care for the people while implementing the agenda of the shadowy ruling death cult.

      2. Right on, Millicent! I have watched this charade of Zelenski shedding crocodile tears and wanting to push NATO into open war with Russia. This clown is following orders from the neo-nationalist gangsters running the Ukraine, when he could have established an independent, neutral country with no ties to NATO and the EU, on the Swiss model. Yes, Putin sent his troops into the Ukraine, because there was no compromise. The stroke of some pens would have avoided all the mayhem and destruction, fueled by fake pictures and arms supply to the brainwashed Ukrainians. What a bonus to all the arms suppliers!

        1. Yes, that’s true. I saw it there and I’ve also seen photos of he and Klaus Schwab shaking hands and playing nice together…

      3. That’s exactly why all these governments are backing Ukraine trying to get rid of Putin cause he is the only one standing in their way of a global takeover

    2. Edward Tigchelaar

      Brian: Wholeheartedly agree with you. I am so thankful that Brian Peckford was instrumental in drafting and ensuring the passage of Canadian Bill of Rights, Freedoms and the Supremacy of God in 1982. These Rights allow Canadians to hold the Government accountable. After what the world just witnessed how the Government reacted to the Peaceful & Legal Freedom Protest of the Truckers, our Rights become even more important. Thank you.

      1. Our God given rights are certainly more important to us, we the people of Canada… but the importance of our rights to the so called government is to REMOVE them, obviously. Still, there is a herd of Canadians who blindly swallow whatever the LIEberals spew out as being justified and reasonable. They will bring us all down. Far too few are paying attention to truth and reality, believing the lying news.

        1. Great !!!!! We have a list. Now let’s invite each and everyone of the Canadians on the ” list” to an event. Gallows for them all.

      2. Charter is a communist doc put out by Trudeau as a trap 30 years ago for this very day. Canadian bill of rights are your god given rights that can not be limited by the state. The charter is why EVERY anti-tranny case has failed in the courts. It is causing case law that will lock us into death camps

      3. Know your true Rights at Awarriorcalls and it’s all facets check it out ..” src=””>

    3. I am 100% on the same page! It’s all about stripping human beings of their individuality, their rights and freedoms, their belongings, and their money! It turns everyone into slaves, working for THEIR benefit, This is so wrong, in every aspect! I too totally denounce it and will fight it to my last breath.

    4. Cindy Jeffery

      I would love to but Canada Pension and Old Age Security is all I have to live on. How do I and others get around that. Looking at this I can see the globalist control gradually taking over just like a true pandemic spreading across Canada, U.S.A and the whole world. Could that be part of what the COVid Plandemic was all about? To get us used to a controlled enslaved lifestyle?

    5. 100% agree!! What is the plan to clean these people out of Canadian government and companies! They are responsible for killing and injuring thousands of people if not millions. This entire “covid” is the flu and has been planned to reduce our population and make it look like a health scare. This is criminal. More and more evidence is coming out. Reinner Fuellmich has exposed all of it with his countless interviews of extremely credible and highly educated people. These globalists need to be stopped and jailed and never be allowed to work or be part of our society. They have committed genocide and psychological damage to so many people. Truly disgusting and disturbing.

      1. we have to expose them first…make there names public through social media outlets…enough people are aware of WEF now, anyone affiliated and helping out with it’s agenda are traitors to humanity, and need to be called out as such…
        Owner of H.Y. Louie, London Drugs, London Air, is a Vancouver born Asian bIllionaire who has many contacts and connections to these people..Is a WEF member since 2012 I believe and attended the 2020 Davos WeF of the many Canadians who can be found on the list on this very site…

    1. What about Mayor Bonnie Crombie, Mayor of Mssissauga?? She’s a big Liberal supporter and working w/ Turd…his Peel puppet. Why isn’t her name here?

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    1. Colleen McFarland

      And Polievre is supported to be PM by Andrew Sheer, also a member of WEF, who introduced Polievre to Regina recently at a huge political event

      1. I have asked this every time someone says this and refers back to this page but no one has any other proof. Fishy right?

    2. I heard he was removed if he was ever a member dont allow him to run for the Conservatives
      I would also ask Jean Charest who plans on running if he was a member I believe he is

    3. Glen Aldridge

      A few days ago there was a posting showing Pierre’s Leadership Campaign Manager as being a member of the W.E.F. I think his first name was Adam or Andrew. Does anyone know who this is? Thank you.

  3. It appears as the Emergency Act was to give the WEF access to all our bank accounts at will. The banks in Canada were the most secure. At a minimum I am no longer doing business with TD or RBC. Its about all we can do

  4. I sure hope Pierre Poilievre is not part of the WEF. I have a lot of faith in him as a leader who could be our next PM and do hope he would not be part of such a organization. I have supported him in every way possible by promoting him as a great person, someone who really cares about Canada and the Canadian people and someone who represents our Freedom and the healing of our great country. Please tell me he is not a WEF member.

        1. Go to for the wef graduates
          Go to
          You’ll find the corporations including the Govt of Canada listed as a partner.
          I just went to the site. It is not shown. If you do a search Government of Canada wef member you will see the page

          On govt of Canada website you’ll find the announcement: Canada Joins WEF as a Foundinv Partner of the Global Challenge on Food Security and Agriculture
          Modified 2015-01-23

    1. Unfortunately none of them is untouchable. The fact that he was not kicked out for standing up against all the ridiculous economy-destroying measures that have been imposed in the past two years means he has buckled under to accept his potential role as “right-wing” Good Cop (Prime Minister) under influence of globalism in the future, just like his predecessor, Stephen Harper. All politics is purely theatre, and they are lining up survival and great gain for themselves politically and financially as they sit there knowing that the globalists plan to disrupt and depopulate most of the earth’s inhabitants. Pierre, though he looks like our best hope, is actually one of the most deceptive parts of the plan. He is placed there to keep people from completely losing hope in the fatally flawed, hijacked system of “democracy” while the globalist “will” keeps rolling out on us. He is the Trojan horse, Darlene. He is the people’s hope, the best hope for a Shining Knight in White Armor that people could imagine in their desperation. But as MPs, they are part of the privy council, which is above the House of Commons in chain of power, and they are privy to and influenced by the game that is going on. Politics is theatre, while the decisions are being made behind the curtain by the big money corporate crowd. Pierre is a marvelous entertainer who knows what he can gain long-term by acting out his part. I am sorry to take the hope out of you. But we the people need to understand the great treason that is happening against us. Get a copy of “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” as soon as you can. It starts with the plot against the USA, but definitely expanded outward, world-wide. It’s eye-opening, to say the least. Also, please look up Day 1, 2 and 3 of Reiner Fullmich’s Grand Jury Day 1/Day 2/Day 3 to get more of an explanation of how we got into this Covid mess. Redpill Hug!

      1. I believe you are 100% accurate regarding Pierre Poilievre. You can see how Canadians are absolutely desperate for a Savior.
        Unfortunately, Pierre Poilievre nor any other politician will save Canada. Through our passive nature we have turned a “blind eye” to the ever increasing government corruption. How many times has Justin Trudeau apologized to the Canadian people with “I was wrong”… “I’m sorry”? Too many! Yet rather than demanding his removal as PM, Canadians just forget. The majority of Canadians are scared to speak out, they have to much to lose. They have worked to hard to have it taken away by our government and law enforcers. At this point, I feel Canada has been infiltrated by the WEF and under the direction of the Global Elites leading the world towards the NWO and a One World Government. I don’t think the people of Canada hold the ability to legally stop the on going events in Canada.

      2. Esther K Just wanted to say it is incredible to find someone who has their finger on the pulse as much as you do when it comes to this topic. Thanks for relating what so many need to hear right now. Majority of Canadians are so desperate for change, Pierre seems like the only choice in their eyes. Trojan horse is right. It’s nice to find a like minded individual trying to awaken the masses. Kudos to you and wish you all the best in this fight for truth, justice and Sovereignty. Keep going!

      3. True. Bernier is also one of them. The ruling death cult have their hands in every basket to make sure we cannot get rid of them or hold them accountable for their ongoing extreme crimes and corruption.

    2. I wrote a email to him, asking to give up the WEF if he wants to be PM. Why don’t everyone else? No answer let. Good guy in bad taste.
      Klause is training another set in Seattle
      They range ages ard in their 20 or 30
      Also add Kenny to the list. Wrote an email as well to him. No more if he keeps this stupidity up. Tried of being ruled by WEF members.
      Thanks for the list and I will surely tweet it

      1. Irene that is a great idea. Even if we cannot hope for a reply we can voice our concerns and if there ends up being a critical number it WILL change things. Maybe not get rid of the WEF immediately but put them on notice that people are on to their game. Personally I think any politician that has that affiliation should at the very least declare it when running for office and at most be terminated as not serving the people of Canada in good faith. We have a right to know who we are voting for or else democracy is being made into a sham.

      2. I pray we get out of this and I also wrote to every senator and Pierre P. No answers yet after a 2 weeks to this past week. I really like Pierre too, he resigned from WEF but I doubt it was for votes he seems to have to much pride in Canada. unlike Ford who resigned 2 weeks ago and we all know that’s for votes. I was dumbfounded but shouldn’t have been surprised when Ford said he wasn’t vaxd nor were other members. They all need to be charged with genocidal murder!!! And I hope every Member of this WEF site is reading all our comments, that you know we all now know what you’ve done to us the ‘People’ of the World.

    3. Charles Bryant

      Having his name removed from the WEF website does not inspire confidence. He looks like a good man to replace the current dictator, but his feet must be held to the fire if he gets on the ballot. Interesting to note that Doug Ford has also been de-listed when he is up for re-election this fall.

    4. All I know is that Pierre Poilievre recently tweeted that he never was a WEF member, despite the rumors, and disagrees with its policies. I read an article in a liberal magazine that called Mr. Poilievre a conspiracy theorist for his thoughts about the Great Reset.

      1. His interview with Andrew Lawton was after this post was created. The post shows that he was on the WEF forum website in 2021 with a link back to the archive. His office has been contacted for an explanation as to why he was on the WEF website while he is now stating he has not been involved. We will update when we receive a reply.

        1. Canadians are indeed “Desperate for a Savior”! The simple fact that Poilivere played polite footsy with Trudeau for three years without ever mentioning the Charter of Rights or conflicts of interest regarding testing and vaccines, disqualifies him from any office in my mind!
          Canada does not need a “Savior”, or a return to Business as Usual. We need all Canadians to accept their obligations to “Stand Up” for the Rights of Every Canadian. Waiting for someone else to do your work won’t make any positive difference!

      2. Paul Craig Roberts said he was invited once , but never again. His opinion is, that if they sense you will not go along with their Agenda, they lose interest in you. So going once, may not be indicative of agreement. Being erased, as in Poilievre, is more disturbing. Especially in light of his wife’s income from Gov’t Covid Health policies. I forgot the name of the created company she got the money through. Smart something?
        They always present the White Knight in Waiting. Look to the Demerais family who gave us Paul Martin, Trudeau(s), Brian Mulroney, and Agenda 21 Maurice Strong, amongst others. That family has written our international agreements and has an interesting, and early, history with China. I’m sure older folks realize those PM’s are from both sides of the aisle. Not a peep about this on our publicly funded CBC. This year’s Darwin Award goes to the Canadian people.

        1. The Canadian people have become powerless, they know it akes over 3 yrs to fight it in court, so they throw it all at us at once at the Municipal level to create havoc in the Courts. This has been well planned out decade if not Centuries in the making to overthrow “FREEDOM!

    5. Wendy A. Cassibault

      strange that he would be listed and then removed from the list; maybe he changed his mind or did not comply with the WEF’s membership requirements but this is happening with other Canadian politicians – listed and then unlisted so something is going on; Poilievre is a wonderful speaker; that being said, after learning he supports the genocide of the pre-born in Canada (i.e. he is pro-abortion), could never in good conscience vote for him

  5. Action4Canada just posted a very extensive list of 41 Liberal caucus members with ties to the WEF. It would appear that the majority of Liberal Cabinet Members are indoctrinated.

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    1. I don’t see PPC’s Maxime Bernier anywhere on the WEF website. In fact, he was the one who warned us a few years ago that Trudeau is in favour of a world parliament. If you have a source for your statement you should post it.

        1. Maxime Bernier’s name/photo was not in your list when I commented on Blake’s post. Why did you add it? This seems misleading, as the title of this document suggests that all these people are, or were, members of the WEF. It doesn’t seem appropriate that a Minister who was presumably asked to attend a single meeting 14 years ago would be included in such a list, especially when this person seems to be against the WEF initiatives and goals.

          1. This list is a work in progress as noted in the title. In the name of full disclosure, direct links are being reported as the investigation continues. It would be misleading to have information that he had active participation and then not make that information available.

          2. I agree with you! A LOT of people are saying “Don’t vote for Pierre because his name (no bio or picture) and title (public information) were on the WEF site one time” and referring to this site. Every. Single. Time. If we are asking people to provide solid proof about other things (case stats, death stats, vaccine efficacy), but we are making this huge leap based on a name and information that is public, that could have been put there by anybody, we are in trouble.
            If I was somebody in the WEF that didn’t want Pierre or Maxime to win an election, I would put this info out there and hope that people would jump to the wrong conclusions and change their vote. Which is exactly what they are doing and I’m pretty sick of it. It’s one thing to present information and let people draw their own conclusions, it’s quite another to tell people not to vote for someone because they attended a meeting one time or their name was on a website once.
            It’s just as bad as what the msm does and it goes against what a lot of people are advocating for (critical thinking, looking at both sides of an issue before making assumptions, etc.).

        2. Is your only source for saying that Pierre is part of WEF the fact that his name and public information with no picture or bio was on the website at one time? Is there any proof other than that? Seems like a huge leap doesn’t it? That could have been put there strategically for people to pick up and run with it and spread misleading information. Look how many people are adamantly saying not to vote for him and only using this site as a reference. Even though on True North’s Instagram, he just flat out said he isn’t and never has been a part of it.
          And having Maxime on here for attending a meeting once? Why not write to him and get his answer instead of making assumptions and spreading misleading information?

          If you’re going to post these kinds of things, at least just present the facts without bias instead of saying definitively that they are in the WEF when you really can’t confirm that. It’s no better than what MSM does.

          1. Facts are presented because they exist, and they are presented accurately with source. Anything that is opinion, or where information is limited is noted as such. What you choose to do with that information is up to you. It would be grossly misleading to have information and not present it because of personal biases. While Poilievre has denied he is (not was) part of WEF, explanation as to why his profile was on the WEF site just a few months ago remains outstanding.

      1. Maxime Bernier went once.
        Paul Craig Roberts said he was invited once , but never again. His opinion is, that if they sense you will not go along with their Agenda, they lose interest in you. So going once, may not be indicative of agreement. Being erased, as in Poilievre, is more disturbing. Especially in light of his wife’s income from Gov’t Covid Health policies.
        I’d take the time to post a link, but after 40 years of political activity warning of this direction, I covet my remaining time to live the life I sacrificed to the Comfortably Entitled. Their belief in Uniformitarianism is stonger than even presenting facts and documentation. Darwin Award.

    2. I wrote Maxine and he is disgusted with the WEF and wants no part of them. Below is what the party sent back to me,
      Mr Bernier was sent to Davos as a foreign minister in 2008 to have meetings about the situation in Afghanistan with ministers of other allied countries who were there. He has no other connection with the WEF and is totally opposed to its globalist positions and the nefarious influence it has had on Canadian and world politics.

      The People’s Party is the only federal party firmly and officially opposed to all the globalist agendas that interfere with Canadian interests.

      If you haven’t had the chance yet, make sure to follow and engage Maxime and the People’s Party HQ on all our social media platforms, including Youtube, for important information and updates, as well as great political content:

  7. Traitors used to be mobbed and hung high in the good old days. What happened? All these criminal conspiring traitors need the rope.

    1. yes bring back principles and virtues and make them live by them! They make a sham of democracy by having conflicting allegiances. You cannot serve two masters and be ethical.

  8. Can you post links where the info can be verified? Sorry but I trust nothing online unless I can verify it. I can’t find membership info on the WEF site.

    1. Hey Mike, every single person is linked back to the source. Click on their name/photo. Screen shots are also kept as .pdf in the library>World Economic Forum>Canadian Members.

    2. Terry Broadworth

      This gift of information is much easier to use than trying to find information on the WEF page…the researchers need a huge applause for amalgamating the info from many sources…Thank you. This is a “keeper”

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  10. I’m just horrified by the mission of the WEF to control all of us, concerned for my own personal freedom and for the freedoms of my daughters. I don’t know what we can do other than take back control of fiat money, which is what they use against us all.

    I recommend reading The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedeen Ammous. It teaches the history of money and how the past hundred years has turned the world’s money into a printed commodity that all governments control. I don’t think it goes into the WEF so much but it does mention the corrupt evils behind a controllable money supply.

    Ever since reading his book I have been converting my savings into bitcoin and stacking sats. It might take several years before it absorbs the majority of global wealth but it is inevitable, given its fixed supply and decentralized consensus. I truly believe bitcoin is nature’s way of saying NO to these elites and helping the fate of life and humanity.

    1. D Sab thought you should know, if ones looks hard enough there is some unnerving and overwhelming evidence that Bitcoin was created by the NSA years ago with help from project heads amongst the ripple and stellar teams. Giving people of the world the illusion of decentralized finance, something to trust and hold their savings in troubled times. For the moment, it all looks good. But what happens when the majority are steadfast in their belief such as you are, and the money flows into Bitcoin. What’s to stop the whales and the big guys running this “plan” to all of sudden pump it when it’s time, and then dump it for ever while witnessing millions of holders loose everything they put in under “good faith” leaving the Bitcoin holders with virtually nothing moving forward and now having the Gov’t say, “ hey look, I’m sorry that’s terrible whats happened to your Bitcoin savinga” but we’re “here to help” when they are actually the perpetrators of the entire scheme! Illusion of choice my friend….the Narcissistic evils that control this paradigm “HAVE” to control both outcomes. Meaning they will setup the scenario that benefits them regardless of outcome! Anything pumped by the Mainstream feed is in bad faith when it really comes down to it. Never trust what they promote! Find the hidden gems, the ones no one talks about!

      You’ve been warned!

      1. I agree. Bitcoin was marketed as the decentralized answer to the bankers. Yet it softened most to accept digital currencies. Crypto has absorbed money that would have historically been put into gold/silver, keeping them artificially low.
        This is by design and a very clever plan to do a controlled demolition on a fiat currency they have knowingly printed into near worthlessness. Grabbing all they can before it’s final breath is taken. The ensuing chaos will have a begging for their solution, already trialed and waiting, CBDCs. A control grid like none other.

        1. Robert Newton

          Here’s a simple rule of thumb.
          Any store of wealth that you cannot physically take hold of is suspect.
          Crypto included.

    2. I agree with what you are saying and what BTC represents. However since BTC can now be tracked and traced by chain analytics companies it really became a concern for me as far as privacy goes. I think in order to have personal freedoms we need absolute privacy, which I know is a double edge sword. I now much more prefer privacy coins such as Monero, Pirate Chain and DERO as a medium of exchange. I don’t view these projects as investments but rather currencies I can hopefully use in the future to buy goods and services with. If they can stand up to government attacks that is….
      When the Agendas are inforced I hope to use privacy coins to be able to purchase extra meat, eggs, milk, gasoline and those types of products that are deemed “bad” by using those privacy coins. I’m sure my ESG score will be so terrible that I won’t be allowed to do much anyways… oh well just like being locked out of society for the last 2 years. We are moving into such a wonderful world eh? 🙁

  11. Jason Kenney – Premier of Alberta.
    Went to the secretive Bilderberg meeting in 2014 when he was federal Employment Minister.

    And a Bilderberg meeting in 2007, in Istanbul Turkey, where Gerald Butts also attended.

    In 2019 was a speaker at the International Economic Forum of the Americas in Montreal. Other speakers included- Ethan Brown Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Beyond Meat – Marie-Claude Bibeau Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Canada – Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild – Chrystia Freeland Minister of Foreign Affairs, Canada – François Legault Premier of Québec – William Francis Morneau Minister of Finance, Canada – Brian Tobin Vice Chair, BMO Financial Group – Christiana Figueres Founding Partner, Global Optimism ( UN bitch from hell) – Paul Desmarais, Jr.Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer, Power Corporation of Canada and 100’s of others that you need to look into. (Source

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  13. Irene that is a great idea. Even if we cannot hope for a reply we can voice our concerns and if there ends up being a critical number it WILL change things. Maybe not get rid of the WEF immediately but put them on notice that people are on to their game. Personally I think any politician that has that affiliation should at the very least declare it when running for office and at most be terminated as not serving the people of Canada in good faith. We have a right to know who we are voting for or else democracy is being made into a sham.

  14. Also the Young Global Shapers have hubs across the world including Canada. Amazing Polly did a piece on them recently.
    The protests need to rebrand and be labeled by the fake media ANTI WEF to bring more awareness to these parasites! The smart cities and global covernant of mayors all of them are following an evil agenda

  15. Very interesting, I knew that a lot of the Liberals were on the WEF. List and had knowledge of Steven Harper joining a few years ago , but I wasn’t up to speed on just how many other Conservative politicians are involved. That’s not good, my thoughts of Pierre Poilievre taking care of of the Conservative Government and running for Prime Minister are diminishing quite quickly. As a Canadian thinking about the future of Canada 🇨🇦, leaves me to question who is capable of being our Leader. No-one from the Green Party, no one from the NDP, definitely not the Bloq Quebec, then there’s the PPC , but I don’t believe Maxime Bernier as I believe that he has ties with the WEF. As well. This practically leaves Canadians with no other choice than a revolt against the swamp and a very well deserved Cleansing of power. Then get rid of all the names of the old parties and caucus members. Then come together as a Whole Country and vote in new parties and caucus leaders . Not used to be judges or lawyers but members that have worked for the country,we don’t need any more crooks running the country.

    1. Cindy Jeffery

      I agree Kelly Holmes we need to drain the swamp of anything that has ties to WEF.
      What do gardeners do when they have a pervasive weed infesting their garden? Rip it out or poison it. But do Canadians have the courage, education or way with all to do such a drastic cleanup and what would that involve?

  16. Also Kristel Van der Elst Is the director of which is a government group which lays out plans for the future (reports are online with the WEF goals) she is also chief executive Officer of the WEF global foresight group….

  17. if the major financial institutions are funding and chairing WEF conferences and in on an intentional plan to inflate our currencies into collapse ,giving globalists the mandate to replace cash with digital “social credit” system, then the our altenative way to counter it at the grassroots level is for us to create our own barter or asset backed currency , spread through a community banking system.

  18. karen winthrop

    Excellent analysis — did you know that Harper’s name is on the 2010 and 2016
    ‘ Committee of 300 ‘ for the Illuminati ‘. It appears he has covered his tracks.
    The list is sad – either they were not informed and/or are very naive, and/or very big into power & money & so called prestige. Hopefully, this site can determine how they were lured into this mess which is now connected to a massive crime against humanity.

  19. Do you want to know the best way to make this stop? Get off cell phones for a couple of months. Even if ANYONE could get off of them for two days, it would send an incredible message that we can not be monitored and tracked. We could then live private lives. It would hold them to lose millions and millions of dollars. I have suggested this to people and it is like you are taking away their first born. I think they would prefer it! It is so simple. Have a world get off your phone day.

    1. Agree. Also Toss Siri Or Alexa Your Smart TV/ Your Smart Appliances Anything Else That Can Be Used To Track Us. Credit Cards, Rewards Cards, Debit Cards Ordering From Amazon. Your Vehicle We Would Have To Go Totally Off Grid. I Would Have To Remove My Difibrilator As It Is Monitored. Guess I Need To Go Hide In Underground City. Your Idea Would Really Mess Them Up Though.

  20. Michele mitchell

    Pierre Poilievre has publicly stated that he has never been to WEF and that he is 100% opposed. I think you should clarify your information.

    1. The post states that he appeared on the WEF website in 2021 with link back to the archive. His office has been contacted for an explanation as to why he was posted on there while speaking out stating otherwise. We will update when we receive a response.

  21. What about the Global shapers ? They have hubs all over the country. Here are the ones from Ottawa. Adam Moscoe, Eric Neudorf, Fred Ninh, Joanne Pitkin , Emily Prieur, Elizabeth(liz) Radtke , Liora Raitblat , Jessica Slade , Dominique Souris, Ali Tejpar ,..

  22. A couple days ago I clicked on the link above dated Feb 26 titled “MP Michelle Rempel Garner denies WTF influence” to what appeared to be a picture of Pierre P with Klaus Schwab? When I clicked on it now the picture is gone? Where did it go?

  23. Jason Kenney, as premier of Alberta, also spoke at the Trilateral Commission’s North America Summit meeting in November 2019. We paid $24,000 for the trip and he cancelled a media availability to discuss what happened during the three-day “trade” trip.

  24. Michele Rempel Garner spoke about her involvement. She said she was “awarded” young global leader and went a few times to see what all the fuss was about. She found it to be an overpriced marketing conference. I don’t think everybody involved is involved at the same level or necessarily has the same goals as the leadership. I also think that many are deceived about the overall intent of the agenda, because Klaus does market it as a good thing. Save the planet, etc. While we should be aware of affiliations, I don’t think anybody should be talking about arresting members, etc. The criminality goes a lot deeper than the WEF. We need to look deeper.

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  26. On one here has mentioned Roman Baber. Although he is running for the Conservative Party, he does know what we are up against. He speaks openly about Marxism and explains it very well. He has also been fighting all along to get the Health line workers back to work along with everyone else who have lost their jobs over these mandates. His bill was defeated twice. He is not a career politician or a multi millionaire. I really think more people should be looking into him.

    1. I agree Sherry, he is the one I have decided to vote for because he has been honest and outspoken from the beginning. Before the truckers came into Ottawa to protest he has been fighting for Canada 😉

  27. The most important message about the WEF is it doesn’t matter Who is involved personally with the WEF think Stephen Harper signed Canada into the GLOBAL AGENDA 21 Conservative !!! Trudeau signed us into the UN GLOBAL COMPACT Liberal !!! do you see the difference ??? these two parties over the decades have made this country a total mess to the point of which party can i vote for ??? Neither !!! it’s a UNIPARTY you are not voting for the PERSON , and by the way when have they EVER kept their election promises anyhow ??? it’s time for a complete change.

    1. I agree with you totally, The only one I am voting for is Roman Baber an independent from all Parties and he is not listed here. He has backed Canadians from the beginning and was thrown out of office for disagreeing and fighting for Canadian rights.

  28. kirsten blairmont

    ⦁ Info: Action4Canada reports that Gates is to speak Sunday 10 April at the Vancouver BC convention centre and a protest will be held from 12 to 4 pm. Corrupt legacy media will likely misinform or ignore it.
    ⦁ Dr. Zelenko in interview with Brannon Howse 7Apr/2022 says Y. N. Harari [satanic ‘the prophet’ ?] has followers Schwab, Gates, Zuckerberg, Obama, and says ” humans are hackable” true,
    and “we are gods now” false
    ⦁ ‘thecanadianpress’ is very much like the controlled opposition Fox news, and is spewing disinformation on radios, small town papers, and ‘infiltrating’ the Are they Reuters, Vanguard, or blackrock?
    ⦁ For one example besides still pushing the dangerous jab, recently on an indigenous radio station tried to delegitimize the Brakken oil deposits by claiming somehow they were causing birth problems. Yet no mention of thousands of babies dead from Pfizer shots to pregnant women.[opinion: Canada should have been energy independent 50 years ago]
    ⦁ the Canadian Conservative opposition might as well be invisible. It appears that in a critical time in history they have disappeared.:

    Targeted Justice With Midge Mathis retweeted:
    Truth Justice@LakovosJustice/Feb 6/2021
    BREAKING URGENT NEWS: U.S. – German Attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich gives his opening statements at the International Criminal Grand Jury Investigation. “Our governments are not our governments anymore, rather they have been taken over by the World Economic Forum.

    ⦁ In 2021 in New South Wales Australia, it was reported the Premier resigned after an Australian billionaire exposed that she had taken tens of millions. The ‘media’ had a different story.
    Targeted Justice With Midge Mathis retweeted
    Jim Hawk@JimHawk67327371/Apr 8/2022
    What if the Russians aren’t the bad guys Picture:

    Caption: MUBreaking @MUBeaking . Apr 5
    BIG: Zelensky is a cousin of George Soros
    Pentagon official says

  29. Robert Kennedy Jr, in his book The Real Anthony Fauci, discusses Rotary International’s involvement with the globalist world agenda. Recent training I attended included the marxist equity and inclusion indoctrination. I have ended my involvement. I wonder if there is any direct connection with WEF? Also, I saw on the Alberta Healthcare website that they are in alliance with the WEF. Was mentioned right on their website.

      1. Hey Admin, you should also create a list of their government contact emails so we can all easily reach out. I’d love to cc them all together and call them out.

        Thousands of people need to start warning these people what happens to tyrants.

  30. No surprise to see two of the founders of the Century Initiative identifed as well. Remember this is the organization that dreams of 100 million people in Canada by 2100 much sooner if they can get it.

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  32. Mary Anne S Ouellette

    We need to find a way to get them all out of government and vote for independent people, NO PARTIES!!
    they are destroying our Country and they will destroy us if allowed to continue their evil paths !!!

  33. Joanne Ellis


    1. I would love to see the proof behind this list of names you provide here. I’ve been researching and have seen how some of the names that were on the wef site, are now being deleted (or already have been). Seems to me they are deliberately hiding who is actually involved. I had had the info on Pierre Poilievre but unfortunately did not download it to my computer!

      1. All of the names appeared on the WEF site. We also saved a pdf of the screen shot of their pages in our library as it was expected they would start removing them as their agenda became apparent. You can also search on the wayback machine.

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  39. Leon Stepanian

    These people must be ordered to resign their positions or become part of a mass necrology list of defunct Globalist Eugenicists. Having so many people as part of our Governments and being linked to the WEF is tantamount to any World level Organized Crime Syndicate that would have been annihilated as soon as it was discovered yet till now, these people are still in place and need to be removed IMMEDIATELY. Justin Castro Sinclair should be the first to go.


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  49. If they are removing people from the list like Pierre Poilievre and Doug Ford etc. it is because these are rising stars for the globalists and they need them to hide in plain sight. Anyone who has had anything to do with the W.E.F./U.N./W.H.O. and all there connected entities around the world can not be trusted and must be investigated by hybrid common law courts of all nations and military tribunals by the military left that has not been corrupted and do not take their marching orders from the International Health Regulations Treaty committee. This I believe. Just saying. Be Blessed.

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  51. These would have to be verified:
    Ahmed Hussen York South-Weston
    Anita Anand Oakville
    Bill Blair Sccarborough Southwest
    Carla Qualtrough Delta
    Carolyn Bennett Toronto-St Paul’s
    Chrystia Freeland Univerxity-Rosedale
    Dan Vandal Saint Boniface-Saint Vital
    David Lametti Lasalle-Emard-Vroun
    Diane Lebouthillier Gaspesie Les Iles De La Madeleine
    Dominic LeBlanc Beausejour
    Filomena Tassi Hamilton West Ancaster Dundas
    Francois Philippe Campagne Saint Maurice Champlain
    Ginette Petitpas Taylor Moncton Riverview Dieppe
    Gudie Hutchings Long Range Mountains
    Harjit Saijan Bancouver South
    Helena Jaczek Mrkham stouffville
    Jean Yves Duclos Quebec
    Jonathan Wilkinson North Vancouver
    Joyce Murray Vancouver Quadra
    Justin Trudeau Papinau
    Kamal Kherea Brampton West
    Karina Gould Burlington
    Lawrence MacAulay Cardigan
    Marc Miller Ville Marie Le Sud Ouest Ile Des Soeurs
    Marci Ien Toronto CentreMarco mendicino Eglinton Lawrence
    Marie Claude Bibeau Compton Stanstead
    Mark Holland Ajax
    Mary Ng Markham Thornhill
    Melanie Joly Ahuntsic Cartierville
    Mona Fortier Ottaway Vanier
    Omar Alghabra Mississauga Centre
    Pablo Roriguea Honore Mercer
    Pascale St Onge Brome Missisquoi
    Patty Hajdu Thunder Bay Superior North
    Randy Boissonnault Edmonton Centre
    Seamus O’Regan St John’s South Mount Pearl
    Sean Fraser Central Nova
    Steven Guilbeault Laurier Sainte Marie

  52. Please investigate: Ralph Berg (OMERS)
    Ontario Teacher’s – Pension-CPP – OMERS
    ***Are Our Pensions Safe? NOPE!***

    OMERS said Ralph Berg, currently its global head of infrastructure, will become global head of capital markets, a position that oversees roughly 55 per cent of the pension manager’s portfolio. Mr. Berg, a former Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse banker who joined OMERS’ infrastructure group in 2013, replaces Ken Miner, who will retire April 1.

  53. Please investigate Ralph Berg (OMERS)
    Are our pensions safe? NOPE! Teachers,CPP, OMERS all infiltrated by WEF members in top executive positions.
    —-Ralph was Managing Director – Head of European Utilities at Credit Suisse, and Director at Deutsche Bank AG – London. Ralph Berg joined OMERS in 2013.
    Ralph Berg is currently
    Executive Vice President and Global Head of Infrastructure at OMERS Infrastructure.

  54. * Ontario Teacher Pension – Joe Taylor CEO a member of (WEF)
    * OMERS – Ralph Berg member (WEF 2020)
    * CPP – John Graham member (WEF) President & Chief Executive Officer of Canada Pension Fund
    * PSP ???(WEF Partner in Business)
    ***PSP Manages employer and employee contributions to the federal Public Service, the Canadian Forces and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police pension funds and the employer and employee contributions to the Reserve Force Pension Fund. Annual net contributions are $4 billion. Asset
    *** Please check your own Pension Plan Executives for WEF membership or partnering connections! ***

  55. Silvana Kingsland

    Can you please investigate Supreme Court Judge Michelle O’Bonsawin, who has been recently appointed by Justin Trudeau? We cannot trust anyone who has been appointed by him

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  57. This list is a great idea but it’s not completely acvurate and is missing all the “Global Shapers” across major Canadian cities. If you’re going to post those that need to be held acvountable be factual and remove the duplications. In addition to the WEF, don’t forget those in Provincial and Federal Health agencies who colluded with Pharma, the WHO and CDC. If you’re going to get angry. Know your targets.

  58. Lol…people are so guillable…thinking he’s going to be the savior of Canada..all smoke and mirrors…controlled opposition!..they’re all 2 bit actors….

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  60. Have any of the bronfman family been on the wef list ??? Clair bronfman plead guilty to human trafficking in the nxivm sex slavery trial. Sara bronfman represented snc lavalin and bombardier for trade with gadaffis son. And Steven bronfman is the chief financial officer of the liberal party of Canada ?????

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  63. Harold Snider

    Hi! This list is very interesting, including the GovGen! I read Canada gave WEF almost $3m in grants (why?) and contributions (for what?) in 20/21 alone (True North article May 10, 2022). Seeing your list, I wonder how much money has been spent in membership initiation fees (to join), membership annual fees, annual conference, travel and other costs?

  64. P.O.T.L.E.O.Z. and the Kalergi Plan are anti-semitic fiction.

    So says Earth’s Zionist rulers. Oi Gevalt!

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