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Released on November 21, 2022, the documentary “Died Suddenly” by Stew Peters Network is now available to view on Rumble.  

The documentary discusses the massive increase in sudden deaths around the world since 2021 and evidence found to date with respect to cause. 

If the depictions in this film are accurate, serious and thorough investigation is needed. 

Many questions need to be asked:

  • What are these fibrous clots made of?
  • Have any been found in any still living people?
  • Have any of these clots been found in people who have not taken any of the covid gene therapy shots/vaccination?
  • When the composition of the clots is determined, can it be directly linked back to any of the covid gene therapy shots/vaccination?
  • What investigation is being done to determine the causes of deaths in the “unknown” category in provincial reporting? 
  • What requirement is there for autopsy’s to be performed on those whose death is listed as “unknown”, particularly in those who were otherwise in good health prior to their sudden death?
  • Are pathologists looking for these clots in autopsies?
  • Is the government being transparent and showing up to date information on deaths and causes in Canada?
  • Is there any research that shows that these clots are plausibly linked to the covid gene therapy shots?
  • Why are more embalmers (and families!) not speaking up?
Dr. Jean-Marc Benoit, an Ontario physician who has been the focus of investigation by the College of Physicians and Surgeons for his pragmatic look into Covid vaccination risks and benefits for children, looked into available research on the topic of clots post covid vaccination and wrote about it in his Substack dated November 26, 2022. 

Dr. Benoit’s public blog post follows and includes links to all references.    If you wish to subscribe to his blog, click here.  

Embalmers’ “clots?”


For the better part of a year, intermittent reports from embalmers have surfaced in the media, usually along with photographs of long white fibrous “clots” that have been pulled from corpses during the embalming process. A somewhat sensational film called “Died Suddenly” features interviews with a number of these embalmers. For their part, the embalmers appear to be a decidedly stolid bunch, who are genuinely puzzled by these clots – as well as inconvenienced, as it apparently makes the work of blood replacement with embalming fluid much more difficult. 

Thus far, there has been no molecular analysis of these clots to my knowledge. Nor to my knowledge has anything been reported regarding abnormal clots being removed from patients in intensive care units. 


Pretorius et al (2021) reported on microclots in covid patients. Grobbelaar (2021) observed that the addition of spike protein to healthy blood caused marked amyloid/clot formation. Kell (2022) describes fibrin microclots and fibrin amyloid (essentially a harmful protein polymer) as potential agents in “long covid.” This paper has already been cited over 50 times, despite having been published 9 months ago, and on a relatively obscure topic. Among these is Nystrom et al, published in May 2022. They explore the amyloid potential of spike protein in vitro. Nystrom has been viewed over 40 thousand times as of the end of November, indicating a lively interest in this topic. 


In other words, there is a healthy literature on the subject of covid and amyloid formation, and on covid and abnormal clotting. 


What appears to be lacking however is literature on covid vaccines and amyloid formation. If the embalmers’ observations are correct, we would expect to find cases of strange clots in still-living patients, or else in autopsies after mRNA vaccine deaths. 


Kim (2022) reports on an intra-cardiac clot that is very resistant to anticoagulants. The patient sustained both covid and mRNA vaccination, and the clot was not removed for examination. Krongold (2022) reports on thrombectomy of a massive DVT post mRNA vaccination, however, there is no comment on the appearance of the clot itself. Tajstra(2021) reports on fatal coronary thrombus soon after mRNA vaccination – again, there is no comment on the clot itself. Zhang (2021) reports on three autopsies in post-mRNA vaccine deaths. In none of the cases are large clots mentioned. Kaimori (2022) reports on widespread bloot clots in a post mRNA vaccine autopsy; however, they are microscopic. Roncati (2022) reports on 3 autopsies, all with microclots but none of the massive clots observed by embalmers.


Finally, what is one to conclude about the embalmers’ clots?

At this point in time, there are clearly more questions than answers.  We are looking to communicate with anyone who has direct experience with clots following covid vaccination.  

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