Sergeant Paul Brown

On April 16, 2021, Huf Gym in Mississauga took a stand against government measures to close their business again as part of another lockdown. Sergeant Paul Brown, of the Peel Regional Police, responded to a call to attend the site to ensure the safety of all involved.  As tensions grew,  Sergeant Brown used his 25 years of experience as a peace officer to deescalate the situation.   His choice to use kindness, understanding and compassion, led to a request from one of the attendees for a hug; to which the officer complied.

This event was filmed by Sean O’Shea of Global News and the sergeant’s actions were portrayed in an unfavourable light.  The response from the Police Department was swift and Sergeant Brown was placed on immediate suspension pending investigation.

The suspension was met with public outcry.   A petition to reinstate Sgt Brown was quickly set up, which received over 15,000 signatures. The following week, a peaceful assembly took place at the Peel Regional Headquarters in Mississauga in support of this officer.   He was reinstated seven days later and faced disciplinary actions.

On Saturday, May 15, Sgt Brown was invited to the World Wide Demonstration at Queens Park in Toronto as an act of appreciation by the citizens of Ontario for his exemplary conduct on April 16.  While he chose not to speak, the response from the crowd when he was introduced, sent a very clear message; 

the citizens of Ontario stand with Sergeant Paul Brown.

Within days of his attendance at the constitutionally protected assembly, Sergeant Brown once again found himself under investigation, and this time for “discreditable conduct”.  He was placed on administrative leave, pending investigation.   Days later he was he was told to report for duty in full PPE, despite the fact that he had previously  informed his supervisors that he was medically exempt, which until this point had always been respected without issue.   When he reiterated that he was medically exempt and could not wear a mask, he was again suspended.  To date, Sergeant Brown remains on suspension, remains under investigation and has not been advised of what charges have been levied against him.    

Please join us as we stand with Sergeant Paul Brown and publicly show our support of his professionalism, compassion and commitment to upholding his oath to protect our Charter Rights.

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  1. Not to worry Police Goons in Ottawa try to trample and kill an old lady with a walker (no less)with a 2,000 lb. horse. Is the Goon in jail for trying to kill her NO. This is a POLICE STATE.
    Two Police Goons in Ottawa attack and beat up an old man of 78 years old midget, they would not give their service # or their names. are they in jail for their crime NO.
    Police Goons beat up a female Rebel News Reporter and hit her with tear gas.
    Are they in jail for assault NO. POLICE STATE

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