VIMEO Deletes Account for Uploading Legal Deposition

On April 20, 2022, we began uploading the sworn deposition of Dr. Stanley Plotkin, a global and highly acclaimed leader in the vaccination industry, on our paid VIMEO account.   Dr. Plotkin was being deposed by lawyer Aaron Siri as part of a family law case, where vaccination of children was at issue.

Vaccination has been a hot topic for a long time with people on all sides making claims that others are presenting mis/disinformation.    When a global leader in the industry is providing a sworn deposition, the information provided is surely critical for public interest. 

The entire deposition runs for about 9 hours and is a very worthwhile watch.  We will have a separate post soon on the deposition and information presented. 

On April 21, 2022, when logging in to our VIMEO account to resume uploads, we were met with a message that our account was suspended for violating their terms of service. 


We immediately contacted them and advised that we required an explanation for their actions.   This was their response. 

Please take a moment and really think about what they’ve said.

They are actively censoring information that is factual, referenced, scientific and from the mouth of a world renowned and legally qualified “expert” who has been paid millions of dollars by the pharmaceutical industry, because they don’t want people to access the truth as the truth may lead people to make an informed decision.  Even the agencies they mentioned are clear that procedures they recommend are not safe for everyone; it seems they missed that memo.   They have undertaken an extremely dangerous practice. 

VIMEO has advised that they have refunded our payment.   It will take several days to confirm this was done.

With this level of active censorship and willfully hiding the truth from people that could very well save them from harm, the only real option going forward is to BOYCOTT VIMEO.

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