Canada’s Young Global Leaders

Canada's Young Global Leaders 2021

(Work in progress…….)

Jocelyn Formsma

Executive Director
National Association of Friendship Centres

Liam Sobey

Vice-President, Merchandising, Sobeys Inc.

Canada's Young Global Leaders 2020

Joelle Faulkner

President and Chief Executive Officer
Area One Farms

Karina Gould

Minister of Families
Children and Social Development
Employment and Social Development Canada

Michele Romanow

Co-Founder and President
Clear Finance Technology Inc - Clearbanc

Canada's Young Global Leaders 2019

Jessica Burgner-Kahrs

Associate Professor, University of Toronto Mississauga

Maya Roy

Director of Programs and Partnerships, Institute for Change Leaders

Canada's Young Global Leaders 2018

Catherine Raw

Chief Operating Officer
North America
Barrick Gold Corporation

Jagmeet Singh

Leader, Canada's New Democrats
New Democratic Party of Canada

Canada's Young Global Leaders 2017

Canada's Young Global Leaders 2016

Melanie Joly

Ahuntsic-Cartierville QC

Michelle Rempel Garner

Calgary Nose Hill AB

Canada's Young Global Leaders 2015

Scott Brison

MP Kings Hants (NS) 1997-2015
President Treasury Board 2015-2019
Vice Chair BMO

Navdeep Bains

Joined CIBC as Vice-Chair Global Investment Banking in Sept 2021

Renée Maria Tremblay

YGL Advisory Group Member 2016

Senior Counsel to the Supreme Court of Canada

Canada's Young Global Leaders 2014

Canada's Young Global Leaders 2013

Scott Gilmore

Maclean's Magazine
Building Markets

Elissa Golberg

Global Affairs Canada
Assistant Deputy Minister - Strategic Policy
Board of Directors
CIGI - Centre for International Governance Innovation

Canada's Young Global Leaders 2012

Canada's Young Global Leaders 2011

Canada's Young Global Leaders 2010

Canada's Young Global Leaders 2009

Christopher Logan

CEO Silk Road Mining
Former President Livingston International
Oliver Wyman

François Philipe Champagne


Saint-Maurice – Champlain QC

Canada's Young Global Leaders 2008

Canada's Young Global Leaders 2007

Canada's Young Global Leaders 2006

Canada's Young Global Leaders 2005

Canada's Young Global Leaders 2004

4 thoughts on “Canada’s Young Global Leaders”

  1. I wrote to Pierre Poilleivre about his involvement in the WEF and his personal reply to me was adamant on his complete disagreement with the WEF.
    I am willing to share this with you as I feel that it is a part of the truth “beyond the narrative”
    It may add some insight however little but may make a difference.

    1. Thanks, Tim. I have written in to him as well and have not received a response. I look forward to receiving an explanation as to why he was featured on the WEF website if he is, in fact, in disagreement with them.

  2. Richard N Bramwell

    Considering that 19 cabinet members of Trudeau’s Liberal Government are also WEF Young Global Leaders, this is an incomplete list! I encourage you to 𝗺𝗮𝗸𝗲 𝗶𝘁 𝟭𝟬𝟬% 𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗽𝗹𝗲𝘁𝗲.

    Every single Young Global Leader is not acting in the interests of the natural individual rights and freedoms of Canadians. S/he is engaged in sedition that is undermining our political system with the intent of suborning Canada to unelected global institutions which are pursuing a planetwide socialism, run by self-appointed oligarchs (the very wealthy or well-connected) which will probably resemble a CCP-style tyranny.

    There used to be a saying, “You can’t beat City Hall.” Under globalism no individual will be able to ‘beat’ the administrative oligarchy in the defence of his/her individual rights. Those defending ideas that are unpopular with the administrative elites will be “disappeared”, whether through incarceration or hidden murder.

    1. You are correct that this list is far from complete. Even John Charest was a leader of tomorrow (later the program was changed to young global leader). He’s a WEF member. John Baird is not on this list neither.

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