MP Michelle Rempel Garner Denies WEF Influence

On the tail of the revocation of the Emergency Measures Act by Justin Trudeau earlier this week, the calls from Canadians for clarity on the role of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Canada have grown stronger.  Michelle Rempel Garner, MP for Calgary – Nose, heard these concerns, or conspiracy theories as she called them, and responded with a blog post titled 

“Michelle Rempel Garner: I went to Davos. The World Economic Forum is not running Canada.

The WEF portrays itself as a highly influential elite organization. In reality, it’s an overpriced sales conference.”

The World Economic Forum on their website describes their mandate as the following:


“The World Economic Forum is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation.
The Forum engages the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.”

The World Economic Forum formed in 1971 and headed by Claus Schwab has gained notoriety for their plan called “The Great Reset” , with one of their promotions being: “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy.” 

Mere months after Covid captured headlines around the world, the book titled “The Great Reset” written by Claus Schwab and Thierry Mallet was released to the world in June 2020.   The book goes into great detail about how Covid will affect the world in the long and short term, covering topics like international relations, the need for global governance, surveillance of citizens, and AI technologies, just to name a few.   

I only recently purchased and read this book, and find it quite bewildering that someone could serendipitously predict what has happened for the past two years, having published it only a mere three months after Covid was announced to the world.   It should be noted that not everything in the book has come to pass…..yet, but it does leave one with many, many unanswered questions about what we’ve been told about Covid, just how much of it was a natural evolution of a virus, and what might have been subject to influence from outside factors. 

It is impossible to dismiss the possibility that the World Economic Forum has great influence within the Canadian government and industry, and equally as much around the world.   As I began learning more about the WEF, it seemed necessary to try to understand just what kind of influence they may actually have.  This led me to undertake a project to identify Canadian WEF members.  This project is still underway but you can see in our post titled “Canadian Members of the World Economic Forum”, that their membership is vast and covers critical areas of our infrastructure including government, education, finance and industry. 


One point that must be made is that key leaders within Canadian government are WEF members including our own Deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Freeland,  who is also on the Board of Trustees at the WEF.   In fact, the top positions in all major parties are represented in WEF membership. Liberal leader Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister of Canada), Jagmeet Singh (Leader of the NDP) and Pierre Poilievre who has announced that he will be running for Prime Minister and will represent the Conservative party in the next election – are all involved.    Interestingly, Poilievre was listed in 2021 but has recently been removed.  Is this because he has also recently become vocal to stand for freedom and it would be a political play to try to get the vote with the current political climate?   In any case, the reality is that no matter which option Canadians choose for federal leadership, ALL of them are part of the WEF.   If the WEF is influencing Canadian policy and politics, this is a neon red flag that this must be investigated.  Best case, the WEF is an “overpriced sales conference” as Rempel Garner claims.  Worst case scenario, we need to have very serious conversations about the loyalties of our elected. 

Is it a conspiracy theory to think that the WEF may be influencing government and institutions in Canada or is it a reasonable conclusion?   Time will tell. 

3 thoughts on “MP Michelle Rempel Garner Denies WEF Influence”

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  2. Hmm, seems strange that Michelle Rempel, a “Young Global Leader” of the WEF would declare that the WEF is not trying to control the government and direction of Canada. Do you suppose maybe there might be some bias there? When was the last time a thief actually told you they were going to steal something before they took it? SMH

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